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Writers and Their Writings

16 Oct

Writing they say is a solitary pursuit. Writers often have to deal with a blank page staring them straight in the eye and the writer’s struggle often excruciatingly on how best to fill that blank page with sensible texts, all by their lonesome self. Rightly or wrongly, some claim that writing is best suited for people who are introverts and loners because these are the types who deal with their personal demons without the slightest assistance from others. Their imagination is their best tool to craft their masterpieces and lay claim to a semblance of greatness.

Yet, it is also a fact that writers cannot exist in a vacuum. They need the encouragement and approbation of people in order to feed their desire to continue with their craft. Add to this is that writers also need to expand their repertoire, develop their skills and learn new tricks to express themselves in writing thru the guidance of others. Thus, they need people to interact with and the dynamics of society to enable them to further enrich their experience in order to come up with something creative and original.

Just like reading, writing is a personal endeavor which can differ from one person to another mainly because of the individual’s unique experiences. A sentence for example, can be interpreted many times over depending on the person reading it. Just like a group of words forged by the writer can attain a different meaning much different from the obvious.

What remains though, whether writers create a feature article, news article, web articles, blogs, travelogues, novels or whatever fancies their attention, the fact remains of the need to be steadfast with the commitment to improve their craft. Not only do they owe this to their readers but most especially they owe this to themselves.

Reality no matter how bitter it is can best be served by a writer who knows how to wield the power of the pen (or in our case, the keyboard) responsibly.

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”  -Ray Bradbury

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